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About me

In praise of the scenic career route

My professional journey began with an arts and a science undergraduate degree. It settled a while in secondary school education, marched on to a masters in counselling psychology and then applied itself to a doctorate in exercise science.


It has followed my fascination for the complex, multifaceted nature of human behaviour and health. It has also encouraged a more creative and personalized approach to my practice as a psychologist.

Ultimately, it is guided by a conviction that brains, minds and bodies must work in synchrony with each other. For the last decade I have delighted in marrying the worlds of physical and mental healthcare in a way that makes intuitive sense.


For instance, when the trail running bug bit a few years ago I quickly decided I would combine my talk therapy with this most basic form of physical activity. This is a wonderful way to promote opening up to a (relative) stranger, and is an intuitive integration of the therapy space and our lives and relationships beyond it. 


My most recent interests are around developing self-awareness at a more fundamental level. My professional and personal growth has been profoundly shaped by the insights offered by mindfulness and consciousness-based research and practice. 

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