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Team resilience:
Consulting, training & mentoring


I employ Design Thinking to identify challenges experienced within organisations and their people, as well as areas of potential growth and productivity.


The process of information gathering and tailoring solutions draws heavily on Design Thinking. Exploring people's experiences requires empathy, optimism and intuition. These are the defining characteristics of Design Thinking, which emphasizes how people interact with services.






After an in-depth exploration of the design challenge, the we co-create sustainable solutions with the users themselves, ensuring the services are genuinely useful to them.


Solutions are co-created with the client and include both responsive and proactive skills development through training workshops, group interventions or individual coaching.

Resilient research:

I also consult with academic and professional researchers on resilience and other psychological factors, as well as the use of mixed methods and qualitative research in the health and social sciences, assisting in the preparation of studies as well as the data collection and analysis.

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