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Exercise-based Psychotherapy

I have applied my love of running by developing a unique combination of mindfulness practice; talk therapy and physical activity. Clients start their therapeutic journey physically taking one step at a time, with the therapist by their side, in a scenically beautiful and engaging environment.


As with all psychotherapy, the content and pace of the session is directed by the client as they sit, walk or run and discuss what is on their mind and what they wish to accomplish.

The therapeutic benefits of natural spaces are well documented. There is also a growing body of evidence on how running or walking and talking facilitates and enhances therapeutic conversations:

- walking and running stimulate serotonin and endorphins and improve energy levels, optimism and facilitate problem solving skills

- walking side by side with a therapist often aids difficult discussions - by not having to make as much eye contact the conversations feel easier and less intimidating

- paying closer attention to our moving bodies develop better awareness of how we respond to stress and other negative triggers


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