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Case Studies

The potential for meaningful, sustainable large scale changes using this strategy is a driving motivation behind founding the consultancy.

Design Thinking in a lifestyle intervention programme

We explored a patient's experiences of a lifestyle intervention programme, feeding back insights and modifying solutions co-created with the patient and other healthcare specialists.


Martin* was approached to participate in our case study when he joined a lifestyle intervention programme. He was selected specifically because he did not fit the typical patient profile of the clinic, as our aim was to test the programme's ability to tailor to the individual needs of patients. 


We observed and interviewed Martin and his healthcare providers over the 12 week programme to determine if this was the case, and how we could assist in the process if necessary.

Martin began the programme believing he was a 'non-exerciser' and that he had very little confidence in his body to progress in the programme, and to manage his chronic condition. He was consequently provided with a greater degree of care and support in the initial stages of the programme, and through interaction with researchers and his healthcare providers, we were able to develop a more tailored approach.


We agreed on a system where he could increase awareness and acknowledgement of his progress, as well as in focusing on activities that boosted his confidence and motivation.


He adjusted well, his confidence increasing from settling into the programme. By the concluding weeks he had begun to prepare an personalised and sustainable exercise routine for the future.

*identity protected

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